Gaming Can Actually Make You Smarter. Here’s Why.

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Shooting zombies or baddies in video games is not just about the adrenaline rush or the thrill. It also makes you smarter. A new study has proven that people who play hardcore action games, such as Call of Duty have shown better capabilities of learning compared to those who play non-action games, or those who don’t play video games at all. So all that screen time really pays off at the end. This blog will explain how gaming can actually make you smarter.

Increased Attention Span

Action video games can help increase the attention span and concentration levels. These games involve high-speed playing and contain objects that can quickly pop on the screen, which requires extra attention from the person playing the game. As a result, a person’s selective attention is relatively improved.

Improves Memory and Learning

Gamers who have a good attention span also have a good memory. Action video gamers excel at tasks that involve memory retention compared to non-gamers. Gaming can also improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Moreover, strategy games can increase brain functions in older adults and help them stave off the effects of dementia.

Helps in Problem Solving

Most video games require different types of problem-solving techniques. Strategy games, in particular, are linked to problem-solving, which ultimately increases the problem-solving skills of many gamers. Gaming also increases a person’s creativity and the ability to handle a certain challenging task. Along with this, it also improves communication, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Enhances Spatial Intelligence

Most games require gamers to develop and use their spatial skills for navigation. For example, gamers can easily identify one specific object among a lot of other distracting ones. They also develop the ability to rotate or move certain objects in their mind. The sheer amount of objects on the screen means that gamers have to use their peripheral vision to ensure that they are aware of objects on the screen at all times.

Improves Decision Making

Video games, especially action video games, require quick decision making and on the spot thinking skills. Gamers have to make decisions under pressure, which aids in improving their general decision-making abilities in a short span of time.

Increases IQ Level

Video games are usually challenging and difficult as this provides a sense of accomplishment when these tasks are completed successfully. Some children and adults enjoy challenging tasks and are able to quickly find their way to the end. The games help to improve their level of IQ and cognitive thinking capabilities.


The fact that certain types of games can actually be beneficial for the players should not be underestimated. A study has confirmed that playing action games can actually improve the quality of thinking and visual selection in most gamers.