Latest Games

Our latest arcade games maximise revenue for both Topgun Amusements & our business partners and give the players value for money, typically these games are $2 per play, these amusement machines accept coins, notes & our new tap n play cashless system (no cash needed)

Topgun Amusements is currently updating its major locations with a new cashless payment system, these added features will be installed on our latest arcade games & skilltester's, throughout australia.

One of our latest games, is Ultimate Big Punch, a exciting new interactive boxing game, that features a drink vend to the top score.

Players reach the top score and your favourite beverage appears in prize chute. Players will never go thirsty playing, "Ultimate Big Punch"

An exciting addition's to our latest release's, coming in 2024, are Shooting Hoops & E-Dance 

Shooting Hoops is a interactive 2-4 player basketball game, players shoot for points against each other through a flashing neon cage, Shooting Hoops will light up any street location.

E-Dance is the most advanced dance machine in the amusement market, consisting of a 52" LCD screen plus a additional 19" screen with a 19" touch screen.

Dancers are surrounded by speakers & flashing lights that gives the players a dance floor experience.

E-Dance comes with several modes for dancers to choose.

 Fancy Mode: Configured by a professional dance teacher, including hundreds of trendy dance songs, allowing players to freely show their stage charm.

Racing Mode: A more exciting and crazy game mode and far more difficulty than traditional games, allowing you to constantly surpass yourself and enjoy the passion of sound and speed.

Party Mode: A game mode that showcases individuality, emphasises self-expression, facilitates dance communication and learning, and can play music of your choice.

DIY Mode: Players can edit scripts independently to show their creativity. And can be shared on the internet, so that all players of the E-Dance online version can experience your personal work.

League Mode: A large-scale online competition organised by the official. Players need compete three designated songs in a row through precise points, and rank with players across the country in total points. 

 Ask us where our E-Dance machines are located to experience the latest dance machine craze, and remember to tag Topgun Amusements in your Instagram & Tik Tok post. 

Overall Machine Dimensions:

Length 2.5m, Width 2.8m, Height 2.55m.





If you wish to discuss any details about whats new or what new games are coming please call, Nigel Rimington 0411555559 or Grant Rimington 0411555558