Party Hire

We have a wide range of amusements for your corporate event's, school fete's, carnival's and birthday parties.

You tell us your budget, and game request, and we will tailor a package for you.

We event hire to, South Australia & Queensland. 

Call Nigel Rimington 0411555559 South Australia 

Call Grant Rimington 0411555558 Queensland 


  1. Twin Driving Games
  2. Pinballs Machines
  3. Retro Table Tops, 80's Classics
  4. Boxing Games, Ultimate Big Punch H2082mm D1227mm W999mm 180kg 
  5. Twin Basketball Games
  6. Big Buck Hunter Shooting Games
  7. Prize Vending Machines
  8. Skilltester Crane Machines
  9. Kiddie Rides
  10. Dance Machine
  11. Air Hockey Tables
  12. Massage Chairs
  13. Electronic Dart's
  14. Mr Hammer