Brand New

An exciting addition's to our latest release's, coming in 2024, are Shooting Hoops & E-Dance 

Shooting Hoops is a interactive 2-4 player basketball game, players shoot for points against each other through a flashing neon cage, Shooting Hoops will light up any street location.

E-Dance is the most advanced dance machine in the amusement market, consisting of a 52" LCD screen plus a additional 19" screen with a 19" touch screen.

Dancers are surrounded by speakers & flashing lights that gives the players a dance floor experience.

E-Dance comes with several modes for dancers to choose.

 Fancy Mode: Configured by a professional dance teacher, including hundreds of trendy dance songs, allowing players to freely show their stage charm.

Racing Mode: A more exciting and crazy game mode and far more difficulty than traditional games, allowing you to constantly surpass yourself and enjoy the passion of sound and speed.

Party Mode: A game mode that showcases individuality, emphasises self-expression, facilitates dance communication and learning, and can play music of your choice.

DIY Mode: Players can edit scripts independently to show their creativity. And can be shared on the internet, so that all players of the E-Dance online version can experience your personal work.

League Mode: A large-scale online competition organised by the official. Players need compete three designated songs in a row through precise points, and rank with players across the country in total points. 

 Ask us where our E-Dance machines are located to experience the latest dance machine craze, and remember to tag Topgun Amusements in your Instagram & Tik Tok post. 

Overall Machine Dimensions:

Length 2.5m, Width 2.8m, Height 2.55m.

Magic Star:

This 4 Player Skilltester will be a star in any location, its a real feature in any games room, this unit is a 4 sided skilltester that has 4 cranes to play. Each side is themed to suite your cliental with a variety of licensed products on display.